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One other invention is a word, donk, which is a verb describing the act of communicating in an overly and artificially loquacious manner, including not just using unnecessarily large words, but also inventing words and adding extra syllables to existing words for no reason except that it makes you sound like a big shot.

The root of the word is that it is a back-formation of present continuous tense of the verb, donking, which is just Don King squished together. Get it?

Because Don King totally talks like that is why.

Anyway, I think that’s a pretty good word, and you should use it.


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I invented yogurt! Cooking with guns

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  • 1. skapusniak  |  January 21, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Alas, manual donking, using a traditional handcrafted donk, is just far too time-consuming for many people with busy modern lifestyles. Indeed, back in the last quarter of the 20th Century, many experts believed that within a few short years the art of donking would be confined to a small dying band of practitioners, mainly middle-aged men with big hair in the fields of sports promotion or politics.

    However with the march of technical progress in the first years of this century, and the accompanying invention of the internet-enabled, electro-mechanical autodonk, the art of donking has undergone a massive resurgence in recent years, in defiance of all expert prediction. Although disdained by purists of the art, the autodonk, with it’s greater efficiency in terms of donk per tonne of feed, has caused a fertile explosion of donkery in mediums as diverse as non-big hair politics, corporate press-release composition, unreality TV, and in blog comments sections everywhere.

    With the popularity of donking on the rise due to the autodonk, interest in the traditional handcrafted donk, and manual craft donking, has also risen. For now a niche to be sure, but a growing rather declining one. Noted firm of donks Ecris, Salm & Periwinkle even issued a research note to clients in late Q3 2006 that went so far as to assert: ‘The outlook for donks is brighter than anything we have seen in the last five decades and favourable comments by the Federal Reserve Board lead us to believe that the creation of a gold donk backed currency to replace the dollar sometime in the next decade can no longer be ruled out. Donks are the new hot sector, with a potential that surpasses even the autodonk boom, and investors need to be onboard or miss the train. Overweight.’

    It seems that the autodonk, and the slowly re-emerging manual donk, are once again the wave of the future, set to reprise the exaggerated prominence of donkery in the early 20th century, here and now in the early 21st.


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