A pretty good scrapbooking idea!

January 21, 2007 at 10:33 pm Leave a comment

I am compelled by demographics to include some pretty good ideas for scrapbooking, which is like kindergarten, except for sexless middle-aged white ladies.

Unfortunately, scrapbooking places smell like stale fuck plus they play weird Jesus songs, which gives me APD, or Automatic Punching Disease, which is a medical disorder that makes me do the fisticuffs against people.

As such, my pretty good scrapbooking idea is kind of old and does not take best advantage of state of the art scrapbooking technologies or anything.

Here is a picture of me to add visual interest to this post. I should totally make a joke about “After the jump,” but I’m not going to.


When I was a kid, I used to read the comics and other things, and sometimes I would not get a joke in something. So I would think to myself, “This is probably a pretty good joke that I just don’t understand yet because I am a kid. It might even be dirty! I had better save it for later, when I am more educated and can understand these no doubt hilarious and sophisticated jokes.”

So I would cut out the Marmaduke or the Reader’s Digest “Life in Uniform” or whatever, and then I would carefully paste it into this scrapbook thingy someone gave me. I accumulated quite a collection before it occurred to me that the reason I didn’t understand the jokes is that they were stupid.

So I had a whole scrapbook full of every stupid and unfunny joke I saw in print for a year or so. I think I got mad and threw it away once I realized what had happened.

Yeah, so that’s my pretty good scrapbooking idea.


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